Student as Producer: A MANIFESTO FOR TEACHING AND LEARNING IN HIGHER EDUCATION (University of Chichester 18.03.14)

It is a pleasure and a privilege to have been asked to speak at the launch of the University of Chichester’s Learning and Teaching Strategy 2014-2020. The document is comprehensive and compelling.

I am going to focus on a number of key themes in the strategy that are close to the work  we are doing at the University of Lincoln. The themes are ‘the emphasis on students as active participants and collaborators’ (p.3), working in ‘partnership with the student community’ (p.4), ‘Critical engagement and continual dialogue between staff and students, with students seen as collaborative partners in the development of new knowledge and understanding’ (p.8) and ‘Creating spaces for co-operative and collaborative working amongst students and staff’ (p.14). All of these themes, and the principles and practices on which they are based, are very close to the concept around which we organise the University of Lincoln’s Teaching and Learning Strategy 2011-2016: Student as Producer.

Student as Producer is the organising principle for teaching and learning at the University of Lincoln since 2010, based on the practice of research-engaged pedagogies.

  1. Against Student as Consumer (Kandiko 2013) and Pedagogy of Debt (Williams 2006).
  2. For  productivist and participatory pedagogies (Neary et al 2014), e.g., Biobunch and Making Digital Histories

Institutional Infrastructure(s):

Networks of Student as Producer


Unfinished: or how to avoid recuperation (The Politics of Abolition Mathiesen 1974)

Silent Revolution in Higher Education

‘There is a silent revolution happening in higher education, for the most part unseen…enlivened learning‘ (Teamey and Mandel 2012-2014)

And so, in the spirit of enlivened learning, I commend the University of Chichester’s Learning and Teaching Strategy 2014-2020, to you.



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